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A Letter from the Conference Chair

Welcome Note from the Conference Chairman

Dear Colleague,

“Productivity” – ever more critical in our industry… but not simple.

We either increase revenue per cost dollar or reduce cost per revenue dollar. Industry  overcapacity, regulatory costs, reduced interchange revenue,  flat yield curves, and other  factors increase the difficulty of the game.

But wait! There’s hope!

Jim Clifton, CEO of The Gallup Organization, said recently: “We’re in a world war for jobs. In this country, small businesses are our troops. And banks are their most important support.”

The question is: How can we, as an industry and small business leaders boost small business franchise productivity, internally, and increase our customers productivity, externally, to provide this support?

Sessions and speakers at this year’s Small Business Banking Conference, To Productivity and Beyond, are organized into 3 tracks to address these questions:

  • Boosting Internal Productivity – Cost to serve and revenue generation, sales force segmentation and configuration, sales models, product design and delivery, and channel strategies to generate more profit per bank sales rep or other resources decked against the market.
  • Boosting Customer Productivity – Value propositions, product design, channel access and delivery, and channel capabilities to help small business owners and employees save time, reduce costs, accelerate cash flow, and generate more revenue.
  • Financing Small Business –Strategies to increase loan volume, approve more applications, long-term customers through short periods of difficulty, and early warning systems and loan modification/workout strategies.

Our general session speakers will include new names to the podium, a wide range of bank sizes and philosophies, research findings, and practical experience in reshaping small business to boost bank and customer productivity.
The exhibit hall will feature familiar faces and new ones; and a beautiful setting of the Boca Raton Resort & Club!  The hotel lobby, alone, is worth the trip!

Looking forward to seeing you at the conference,

Nick Miller
President, Clarity Advantage
Conference Chairman