Letter from the Conference Chairman

Join us for the 15th Annual RMA/American Banker Small Business Banking Conference, November 14th – 16th in Fort Worth, TX.

Small business banking’s time has finally come. For both large and small banks, small business owners and their companies are the perfect target segment to replace and expand lost Reg E NSF/OD fee income that has fueled many banks’ yearly earnings growth.  

The Good news: Small business is an essential focus and anchor for bank profitability. In the last ten years, we’ve streamlined and resized offerings to small businesses, their owners and their employees.

The Bad news: Small businesses are having tough times and we still haven’t solved the core challenge around working with businesses and their owners in the branches.

In this new environment, the questions are obvious; the answers are not: How will we keep our best customers? Deepen their business and personal wallet with us? Acquire more attractive customers?

In response to this changing landscape, low credit demand and the rise of social media, we’ve chosen Reshaping Small Business as our conference theme.   Together, we will look at revenue and growth, new ideas, and emerging leaders who have found new, practical ways to focus and move forward through this transformation of bank profitability.

Reshaping Small Business is organized into 3 tracks:

  • Branch-Based Customers will focus on attracting, serving, retaining, and deepening customer relationships through bank branch staff, including sales coverage, sales roles, and market management.  The conference will include fresh from the field, “hot off the presses” research into best practices of managing small business relationships in the branch environment.

  • Banker Managed Relationships will focus on serving small businesses through a business banker channel.  We know that “assigned relationship managers” significantly boost client satisfaction, loyalty, and relationship profitability.

  • Financing Small Business – The economy has had a debilitating effect on small businesses throughout the country. Small business lenders are doing all they can to find ways to provide funds to their customers, especially long-time customers which have been undergoing stress. We'll focus on how to find ways to get more approvals, how to best manage long-term customers through short periods of difficulty, second look protocols on adverse decisions, and early warning systems and loan modification/workout strategies.

Our general session speakers will include new names to the podium, a wide range of bank sizes and philosophies, research findings, and practical experience in reshaping small business to boost the value to business owners and banks, alike.

The vendor hall will feature familiar faces and new ones; and terrific Texas grub! No beefing about performance if you don’t chute on down.


Nick Miller, President, Clarity Advantage
Conference Chairman

This leading annual event attracts senior level retail and small business banking professionals responsible for the following lines of business:

  • Small Business Banking
  • Credit Lending
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Distribution Channel Management
  • Customer Experience
  • Deposit and Product

Sponsorship Opportunities

Those companies providing services and solutions in:

  • Payments
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Collections
  • Customer Retention
  • Technology
  • Consulting


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Conference Pricing

Attendee Type Early Bird 2 Standard Onsite
This rate applies to employees of FDIC insured commercial banksBanks/Financial Institutions $1195 $1395 $1595
Including, but not limited to Bankruptcy Law Firms, Technology Vendors, Consultants, Analysts, Software Providers, Call Center Services, Scoring Companies, Recruitment Services.All Others $1495 $1695 $1895
Pre-conference Workshop $149 $149 $249
Expiration Date 09/17/2010 10/15/2010  
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