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Bankers, don your capes!
This year’s Best Practices in Retail Financial Services will name one super-smart, super-social banker the 2012’s conference “SuperBanker” and send him or her home with the SuperBanker Cup and $1,000 for themselves or their favorite charity.

Ready to jump start your way to the title? You can begin answering banking trivia challenges, and earning SuperBanker points, right now.

Visit from your Web browser, mobile device, or via the conference mobile application to create your screen name and choose your team and avatar.

At the conference, players can earn more points by answering Challenge questions based on information revealed during sessions, meeting up with other attendees and visiting the exhibit hall.

In addition to the $1k grand prize, other prizes including a resort stay, a Kindle Fire, conference admission discounts, SuperBanker t-shirts and mystery prizes that will be awarded to attendees as they achieve badges and earn points.

Why play SuperBanker? Gamification is all the rage when it comes to engaging customers and employees. SuperBanker offers attendees firsthand experience of the theories behind gamification, which will be explored fully via bank case studies during this Tuesday morning session: Fun Works: Using Gamification to Engage Employees and Consumers.

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