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Small Business Banking Focus

Small Business Banking Focus

Small business customers will generate more revenue as banks engage and serve business owners and their businesses more effectively across the full range of their needs. Retail Best Practices takes the challenge, focusing on product, sales, distribution, and HR strategies to support small business.

Evolution of the Value/Profit Dynamic in Small Business Product Design
This session will discuss how the price points and quality drivers used in the product design process are evolving to reflect a deeper understanding of segment specific needs and behaviors.

So Happy Together: Attracting Business Owner Personal and Business Relationships
Small business relationship profitability can more than double when banks capture the full mixed household: business + employees + personal. When considering the full impact of mixed households, small business relationships can drive 40 to 60 percent of retail bank profits. This session will focus on developing the value proposition and selling it in the field.

Pay Attention! Developing and Retaining Small Business Relationships by Phone
J.D. Power data suggests that small business customers feel significantly more satisfied and are significantly likely to refer and purchase the next product when banks assign relationship managers to them AND the relationship managers pay attention. In this session, we’ll discuss current thinking about remote relationship management strategy.