Looking Ahead


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With 2009 behind us, what are you looking forward to in the new year?

Martin Bischoff

Martin Bischoff
Vice Chairman, Consumer and Business Banking
Citizens Financial Group

I believe that with each new year comes new opportunities to help more consumers and businesses. It’s certainly an understatement to say that 2009 was a challenging year; one in which we all faced some unprecedented challenges in the financial marketplace. Now more than ever, consumers and businesses are looking for reliable, helpful and confident support to help them get back on their feet, meet their goals, to earn more and save more. We are equipped with the tools to help our customers build a solid financial future, and in 2010 my team and I look forward to helping more consumers and businesses achieve their financial goals.

Ricky K. Brown

Ricky K. Brown
Senior Executive Vice President and Manager of Banking Network

I think 2010 will be a year of opportunity for those prepared to capitalize on the turmoil in the markets. Restoring the reputation of and improving consumer confidence in the financial services industry is paramount.

My hope is for a solid economic recovery. Evidence shows the economy is improving, but our industry must continue to monitor factors that will challenge revenue growth, such as high unemployment, costs associated with increased regulation, and credit costs.

I look forward to responding to the challenges and opportunities in 2010 and working together to renew the public’s faith in the financial services industry.

Brad Dinsmore

Brad Dinsmore
Group Executive Vice President, Retail Banking North America

As we look ahead beyond 2010, we remain passionate about the critical role that banking plays in the lives of our customers and we are focused on providing service in a holistic way - from lending, to savings to investments. This is why we continue to develop Citi into one of the most customer-centric banks in our industry. And as the economy begins to improve, we look forward to being there to help our customers define and achieve their financial goals.

Aubrey Patterson

Aubrey Patterson
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
BancorpSouth, Inc.

As we enter 2010, we look forward to remaining fully engaged in our markets, making new loans, working with our clients and focusing on growth opportunities. As our performance for the year indicated, our core operating principles again served us well in this challenging environment and we expect no less in 2010. Although we are encouraged by early signs of a stabilizing economy, we remain cautious about the prospects for significant economic recovery in 2010. We'll continue to focus on achieving our long-term growth objectives through disciplined, conservative strategies designed to produce consistent growth, while limiting our exposure to the negative impact of interest rate volatility and downturns in the economic cycle.

Peyton Patterson

Peyton Patterson
President, CEO and Chairman
NewAlliance Bancshares Inc.

For many banks, 2009 was among the most challenging years in history. Clearly, the range of factors impacting banks varies from institution to institution, but with the broad economy showing signs of stabilization, there is the sense that the industry as a whole has moved out of triage mode, and must now re-engage with its core audiences in new ways. Rather than see this as a challenge, I believe it is an opportunity. Moreover, rather than reinventing how banks go to market, I believe it is a time when the solid and time-tested tenets of community banking have emerged as uniquely relevant. Regardless of the size of your bank, the cornerstone elements of the community banking model can be applied and help to make your institution stand out - now more than ever.

Consider the steps we've taken at NewAlliance. Our commitment to being a role model community bank has existed throughout market cycles, but we also recognize the window of opportunity before us. At a time when our brand of banking is in great demand, we've stepped up our investment in the organization and taken action to extend both our reach and our brand promise. So while other banks struggled in 2009, it was a breakout year for NewAlliance. We leveraged our financial strength and “SuperCommunity Bank” positioning to ramp up our sales and marketing efforts and grow market share, revenues and profits. We also beefed up the quality of our senior management team in preparation to take the company to the next level of growth. We are launching our new brand positioning to increase visibility and preference among consumers and businesses. And we have just launched our new Commercial Finance unit to provide financing to even more businesses during this period of duress.

While the economy has improved, 2010 will still challenge all banks. However, opportunities to step up and stand out exist. It is the banks that position themselves to thrive in this environment that will make lasting impressions, and meaningfully deepen the relationships they have with each of their core audiences.

Diana L. Starcher

Diana L. Starcher
Group Executive Vice President
Wells Fargo Customer Connection

In 2009, Wells Fargo & Company achieved record financial performance. We generated a record $89 billion in revenue including record fourth quarter revenue of $23 billion. We believe that revenue growth is an important measure of how well we are doing, and specifically, how well we are serving and meeting the needs of our customers. In the face of continued economic uncertainty and national regulatory debate, repeating these results will be challenging.

I am looking forward to engaging and enabling our team members in our long-standing customer-centric approach to satisfy all our customers’ financial needs and help them succeed financially. Leveraging strategic investments in technology, smart workforce management, and first contact resolution ensures we provide superior customer experience. And this is the key to our success as measured by revenue growth regardless of the financial climate.

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