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Bringing you the key players that know where the future of bank regulation is headed.

The 4th Annual American Banker Regulatory Symposium promises to include a high caliber of education with speeches from key regulators and lawmakers as well as panel discussions covering important topics in the policy world.

Get an insider view of what the next year and beyond will look like and hear directly from the regulators, lawmakers and bankers playing a key role in shaping that future.

Network with hundreds of professionals from across the country as we hear first-hand from key policy players about what’s happening in the nation’s capital, and where the future of bank regulation is headed.

The information-packed agenda will cover the most important topics in bank regulation and provide attendees with the opportunity to hear firsthand from the players that are shaping the regulatory and legislative agenda

Here’s just a sneak peak of what you can expect.

  • Operation Choke Point and the Dangers of Reputation Risk

    The Justice Department’s launch of “Operation Choke Point” to cut off certain lenders’ access to the banking and payment systems has stoked fierce debate over which institutions are being targeted and why. This panel will explore the evolution of the law enforcement effort as well as bank regulators’ increased attention to institutions’ third party relationships with online lenders and others.

  • Cybersecurity in the Wake of the Target Breach: What Banks Need to Be Doing

    The data breach at Target Corp. has reignited Washington’s interest in cybersecurity. The topic is viewed as one of the top threats to the system by FSOC and the banking agencies. The panel will feature regulators, industry officials and cybersecurity experts on policymakers’ response to recent breaches and how banks should be responding.

  • The Mid-Term Elections of 2014 and What They Mean for Banks

    Control of the Senate hangs in the balance during the mid-term elections this year. The panel will explore who might lead the Banking Committee depending on the outcome, and what priorities lawmakers are likely to have in the next Congress.

  • CFPB: Where It’s Headed Next

    The CFPB has tackled mortgage rules, indirect auto lending, and student lending as part of new guidelines and regulations. Where is it going next? The panel will focus on areas where the CFPB may act next, including on prepaid cards, payday lending, debt collection, and HMDA requirements.

  • The Next Crisis: “Too Big to Fail,” Financial Stability and the Uncertain Future

    Four years after the passage of the Dodd-Frank Act, it remains unclear if regulators and the industry are better prepared to weather the next financial crisis. The panel will look at some of the hot-button questions that remain:  Are capital requirements for banks high enough? Do regulators have sufficient authority to deal with the next crisis? Are banks still “too big to fail”?

  • Small Banks in the Post Dodd-Frank Era: How They Can Survive, Thrive

    While policymakers said the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010 was aimed at reining in the largest institutions, many small banks say the reform law has significantly added to their regulatory burden. Some even claim it is putting community banks out of business. This panel will feature community bankers speaking about the how they are faring in the current regulatory environment – and what challenges they see on the horizon.