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American Banker - 5/14/2012
The Power of the Heads-Up in Bank M&A

American Banker - 5/14/2012
Deals Cheat Sheet

American Banker - 5/4/2012
Clever Deal in Maine Gives Hope for Creative M&A

American Banker - 5/9/2012
PlainsCapital Deal Serves as Speed Bump to Texas Prices

In the News

American Banker, Monday, May 14

The Power of the Heads-Up in Bank M&A

Want to close a bank deal these days? Then talk with regulators long before you sign it.

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Speaker Spotlights

Speaker Spotlights
Some of our Keynote Speakers sat down with American Banker to discuss their views on M&A process and strategy.

Wilbur L. Ross, Jr.: Finding the right CEO is a much bigger challenge than finding the capital.

Rusty Cloutier: There are a limited number of banks that are strong enough and have the support of regulators to help consolidate the industry.  

Gregory Mitchell: Focus, the establishment of realistic expectations and a great deal of hard work from an experienced team of skilled professionals in growth strategies help mitigate risk related to acquisitions.  

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2012 Keynote Speakers

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[VIDEO] Bank M&A: Is It a Boom or a Boomlet?

[VIDEO] Bank M&A: Is It a Boom or a Boomlet?