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Dear Colleague:

We are delighted to invite you to join hundreds of the financial service industry’s most exciting and inspirational leaders at the 12th Annual Financial Marketing and Innovation Symposium on September 17th and 18th in New York City!

Innovation and marketing are at the forefront of the rapid changes rippling across the financial services industry. While this is an invigorating position, we need tremendous balance to be proactive and focused on long-term visions when the ground is shifting beneath our feet and the pressure for short-term profit remains strong.

Sometimes we are prone to treating marketing like a gumball machine – put in the coin and look for the gumball as soon as the crank is turned. Are we asking our marketing campaigns to produce similarly instant results? And do we undermine our goals and aspirational brand identities with this short-term focus? For example, free checking might get customers in the door, but it hurts banks’ ability to position their services as valuable.

Recent research shows that two thirds of customers start shopping for a checking account with a bank already in mind. Does our marketing consistently keep our institutions at the top of customers’ consideration sets? Do customers really know what our brands represent?

Innovation plans face a related challenge when we launch innovation groups from scratch and expect immediate impact. Can we help achieve our goals by creating cultures that nurture ongoing innovation throughout our institutions?

Come immerse yourself in the excitement of New York City and hear from industry leaders who face these challenges head-on with marketing and innovation strategies that support both their short-term and long-term ambitions.

This year’s exceptional sessions will inspire and educate:

  • Fresh ideas from leading innovation labs
  • Exciting new brand positionings
  • Frontiers in omnichannel experience

And they will ground us with actionable best practices:

  • Winning customers with the latest social media tools
  • Building mutually beneficial agency partnerships
  • Designing an launching new products
  • Pursuing common goals across organizational silos
  • Exceeding customer expectations in moments that matter

We invite you to join us and a top-notch speaker faculty at the Symposium this year. We’ll gain strategic insights from leaders in banking and insurance and pioneers across other industries, we’ll catch up and share perspectives with old friends, and we’ll come away from the event well-equipped for the exhilarating time in which we work.


Vivian Merker and Tim Spence

Conference Co-Chairs

Timothy Spence