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Digital Currencies + the Blockchain
Date: July 28, 2015
Location: Convene Third Avenue
City: New York, NY
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Think of it as Bitcoin for Bankers

Digital Currencies 2014 on July 29 at Convene in NYC is bringing together bankers, regulatory institutions and the minds behind digital currencies to shed light on how the industry could be transformed and what stake banks should take in it.

Featured Speakers

Lester Joseph
Manager of the Global
Financial Crimes
Intelligence Group

Wells Fargo & Company

Jordan Modell
Internet Archive Federal
Credit Union

David Cotney
Commissioner of Banks,
Massachusetts Division of Banks;
Chairman of the CSBS Emerging Payments Task Force

Conference of State Bank Supervisors
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Pay $895 to attend
or call (212) 803-8388

Cut through the noise surrounding Bitcoin and you might see a potentially transformative underlying technology that enables value to be transmitted around the world, virtually for free, using a trusted third party only if so desired.Savvy observers are looking beyond Bitcoin as a currency.

Along with other cryptocurrencies such as Ripple, Ethereum, Mastercoin, Bitcoin introduces a new set of payments rails that could conceivably provide a means of exchange for a whole lot more than a stateless, digital currency — think stock certificates or property titles.
For financial services, an industry predicated on trust in third parties, the long-term implications of Bitcoin's underlying decentralized technology are staggering.

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