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About the Event

EMERGE: The Forum on Consumer Financial Services Innovation

Since 2006, CFSI and American Banker have attracted hundreds of leading players from every sector in the financial services industry to gather at our annual Forum to network, generate new ideas, and advance innovations in the financially underserved market.

One of the hallmarks of the Forum’s success has been its ability to anticipate changes in the market. EMERGE: The Forum on Consumer Financial Services Innovation (formerly the Underbanked Financial Services Forum) reflects our understanding that the financially underserved market has evolved.

EMERGE replaces “underbanked” with a renewed focus on improving consumers' financial health. "Underbanked" as a term helped raise awareness of the large and diverse segment of American consumers who are financially underserved. But the term has outlived its usefulness because it positions banking as the sole solution, when the reality is more complex. While banks continue to play a critical role in the financial industry, consumers’ attachments to traditional bank accounts do not carry the significance they once did, due such factors as technological innovations and the rise of alternative financial products. EMERGE advances the industry’s efforts to develop new terms and a richer understanding of these consumers’ complex needs and particular challenges in improving their habits of borrowing, spending, saving, and planning for the future.

The financially underserved market has gone mainstream. "Underbanked" has outlived its usefulness, but that does not mean that most American consumers are financially well served. Despite improvements in the economy, large swaths of demographics, including younger and middle-income consumers are not seeing improvements in their financial situation. The number and needs of financially underserved consumers have grown to the point that their influence on the industry can no longer be ignored.

EMERGE focuses on the latest trends developing in this newly mainstream market. By hosting talks and workshops that address the complexities of financially underserved consumers, the Forum offers attendees the chance to deepen their knowledge of the market and broaden providers’ opportunities in how to serve these consumers profitably. A deep understanding of these consumers is vital to financial innovation in this marketplace.

EMERGE continues CFSI’s tradition of gathering all the leading players in the industry—bank and credit union executives, federal and state policymakers, technology entrepreneurs, nonprofit providers, consumer advocates, retailers, and investors. This Forum has a proven history of connecting attendees with each other to form new business relationships and to learn about the most innovative trends in financial services, products, and technologies.

Join CFSI, American Banker and hundreds of leading players from all sectors of the financial services industry to experience the new vision of this annual event: EMERGE: The Forum on Consumer Financial Services Innovation.