A Letter from the Conference Chair

Dear Colleague:

The dramatic transformation of the financial services industry makes it easy to overlook the fundamental purpose of our work—serving the consumer. New technologies inspire us with their possibilities. Regulation reform forces us to re-examine our strategies, roles, and responsibilities. Alternative financial services providers reshape the financial landscape as they expand into new markets. Through it all, we wonder what it means for our industry’s future.

The question we really need to ask, though, is what it means for the consumer. At the center of these changes there are real people who need financial services to manage their lives, and who are critical to getting this nation back on track.

Quality financial services are key to their future—and our industry’s. We at CFSI believe that financial services can be a force for good. That is, quality products and services are sustainable and affordable, enabling providers to profit while actively contributing toward improving people’s lives. 

To reinforce our vision, CFSI introduced the Compass Principles at the 2011 Underbanked Financial Services Forum. These aspirational principles and best practices serve as standards of excellence for our industry, guiding the design and delivery of the everyday financial products and services people need.

The Seventh Annual Underbanked Financial Services Forum, June 13–15 in San Francisco, will explore how to spur innovation through opportunities for the financial services marketplace to create value for the industry while also making people’s lives better. The Forum will highlight groundbreaking innovations and showcase efforts by leading financial services providers to help underserved consumers move toward financial prosperity.

The tracks in 2012 will follow the Compass Principles: Embrace Inclusion, Build Trust, Promote Success, and Create Opportunity. By viewing topics such as payments, deposits, and credit through the lens of these principles, you’ll have the chance to explore the Compass framework in greater depth. As a participant, you will:

  • Hear about cutting-edge financial services innovation
  • Network with peers across the financial services marketplace
  • Get the latest research from leading experts in the financial services field
  • Learn more about CFSI’s Compass Principles and how applying them to your business can benefit you and your customers
  • Discuss how the regulatory environment is impacting the industry

No other conference offers the diversity of players and innovators important to the issues around serving financially underserved consumers. Please join us and make your reservations today.

Jennifer Tescher
President and CEO
Center for Financial Services Innovation