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Top Ten Reasons to Attend

Top 10 Reasons
to Attend the 8th Annual Underbanked Financial Services Forum

1. NETWORK at the only event that attracts ALL of the industry’s players. Enhance your business relationships and establish new connections with bank and credit union executives, federal and state policymakers, financial technology entrepreneurs, nonprofit providers, consumer advocates, retailers, investors.

2. WITNESS what happens when market leaders from Visa, JPMorgan Chase, PNC Bank, and Experian present their candid views on where the industry is now, and how we can improve upon its services to effectively serve the needs of underbanked consumers, while benefiting the bottom line.

3. ACCESS the current views from Washington about industry policy during a special pre-conference luncheon.

4. BROADEN your knowledge about all aspects of the market in serving the financially underserved. Organized around the themes of borrow, spend, save and plan (plus a wildcard), the Forum offers broad and deep knowledge about this market.

5. PREVIEW the latest innovations in the market during an exclusive look at the newest products. At the Core Innovation Mega Challenge, ten to 14 finalists will present their innovative products in a live demo. Audience members will choose a winner.

6. STRATEGIZE on how your company can develop high-quality products for the borrowers’ market. Learn about the trends in consumer borrowing, new credit card products, the alternative data realm, and latest consumer research on how underbanked consumers are using credit cards.

7. LEVERAGE the power of new technologies and behavioral design to encourage consumer savings. Learn about new strategies that are changing consumer savings habits. A series of “Innovation Stations” will highlight new innovations being tested.

8. ENCOURAGE smart consumer behavior after attending sessions that explore the growth of prepaid cards and mobile remote deposit capture (mRDC). Industry players will address prepaid’s features and fee structures and its relationship to mainline banking services and consumer credit building.

9. CAPITALIZE on emerging market opportunities, such as subprime auto lending—the largest revenue segment in the underbanked market.

10. SHAPE the future of consumer financial health and take an active role in advancing innovative, high-quality products and services that aim to improve the lives of the more than 68 million financially underserved.