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Call for Topic Presentations

Do you have a session concept you feel would add value to the 2010 Card Forum & Expo program? We are accepting speaker and session proposals for this program until December 14, 2009. Session abstracts can be submitted directly to Emily Otani at


  • Recognition as an industry leader
  • Visibility and credibility within the industry for you and your organization
  • A complimentary full conference registration
  • Outstanding networking opportunities

Interactive workshops
Three-hour to one-and-a-half-hour classroom-style sessions designed to impart practical lessons attendees can take back to the office and implement. We encourage exercises, interactivity with attendees, and other ways to engage the audience. How-to lessons, and industry insights are crucial. Smaller group sessions allow for greater interactivity. Anticipated number of attendees vary from 50-100.

General Sessions
45 minutes presentation or panel discussion addressing a topical, big picture issue dominating the industry. Very senior level executives will be considered for these sessions, with a preference for card issuers and merchants.

Concurrent Sessions
45 minutes presentation, inclusive of Q&A. Concurrent session can take a form of:
  • Panel Discussion - Moderated, interactive Q&A sessions representing various perspectives on a topic;
  • Stand Alone Presentation - A single presentation with research insights, case study presentation or
  • Roundtable Discussion – one hour discussions aimed to bring a group of industry experts together to answer your questions on a timely topic. We are seeking roundtable leaders who can lead a discussion, answer questions, help seek answers from the group as well as place the discussion in context.

  • Practical, insightful presentations, not sales-oriented presentations. Attendees are looking for information they can use when they get back to the office. Attendees are particularly interested in case studies and original research results. Proposals should offer tangible value to the audience including customer perspectives, lessons learned, best practices, and performance metrics.
  • If you are a service provider looking to secure a place on the agenda, your session proposal will be substantially strengthened by card issuer and merchant co-presenters and panelists. Be sure to clearly indicate co-presenter candidates.
  • Full contact information for all speakers is needed in order to get them confirmed as speakers and get them registered as guest attendees.

Topic Proposals submitted for 2010 Card Forum & Expo are reviewed according to specific criteria, including:
  • Relevance to the payments industry;
  • Originality of material;
  • Overall perceived quality of session content;
  • Timeliness of topic;
  • A well-defined focus;
  • Completeness of presentation proposal;
  • Appropriate inclusion of customer/end-user or unbiased, industry expert co-presenter;
  • Perceived take-away value for attendees;
  • Speaking experience of presenters;
  • Participant evaluations of presenter at previous events, if applicable;
  • Uniqueness of approach to the topic or of presenter perspective.

Proposals MUST be received before or by the close of business on Monday, December 14, 2009.

Please fill out our speaker proposal form in its entirety as only complete forms will be considered. It is our policy to review all completed applications and file them for consideration on appropriate programs.
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