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4:25 - 5:10 Jennifer WorleyMichael MoeserLisa McFarland


Myth Busters & The Next Big Thing in Prepaid


Jennifer Worley
Vice President, Product Rewards, Blackhawk

Michael Moeser
Director of Payments Practice, Javelin Strategy & Research

Lisa McFarland
Chief Product Officer, Ingo Money

Peggy O'Leary
Prepaid Sales Director, CPI Card Group


Session Description

  • Understanding the importance of engaging interactively with prepaid cardholders to strengthen the customer bond
  • Highlighting how today’s consumer wants a multi-form factor prepaid relationship
  • Reviewing the role of digital provisioning a prepaid card into a mobile wallet
  • Identifying new use cases for prepaid cards as well as revisit existing ones that are gaining market adoption
  • Assessing how critical flexibility and ease of access are to a prepaid card’s success


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