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3:30 - 4:10 Michael Oskar KleinsteuberMichael CaseyJoel S. TelpnerBrit Yonge


Global transactions in the age of Trump and Brexit


Michael Oskar Kleinsteuber
Director, Client Solutions, Cross Border Payments, Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citi

Michael Casey
Senior Advisor, Digital Currency Initiative, MITís Media Lab

Joel S. Telpner
Partner, Sullivan & Worcester LLP

Brit Yonge


Session Description

Bitcoin, and many of the systems inspired by it, aim to make good on the Internet’s early promise of frictionless commerce across the planet, often without regard to national borders. This vision appears to be in tension with the recent backlash against globalism across much of the West. What does the reassertion of physical barriers mean for the free exchange of digital value? What kind of equilibrium can be found between open financial networks and real-time transactions, on the one hand, and resurgent territorial sovereignty on the other? This panel of big-picture thinkers will explore the likely scenarios as these global forces continue to play out.


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