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1:45 - 3:15 Paul Van SiclenFady Heiba


Workshop: Measuring the competition with a modern analytics platform


Paul Van Siclen
Director of Market Development, Qlik Financial Services

Fady Heiba
Solution Architect, Qlik Financial Services


Session Description

In a recent survey conducted with bankers across the globe, less than 50% said their organization is using data well.  This statistic is not surprising as the industry continues to deal with technologies built for business in the 1990’s (spreadsheets, static reports, pre-aggregated “cubes”). 

This pre-conference workshop will be divided into two parts:

  • Paul Van Siclen will discuss provide an overview of the modern analytics market and describe multiple Retail Banking use cases from our 3,500 Financial Services clients across the globe.  Specifically highlighting a mapping solution that compares competitors in the market place using multiple metrics
  • Fady Heiba will provide hands on experience with the competitiveness analysis and each attendee will leave with the ability to take a deep dive into their bank’s results compared to their competition

Key take-aways:

  • Technology is improving dramatically; you will learn how this specifically relates to Retail Banking.  Specifically, access will be provided to demos analyzing:

-        Deposit Analytics with Geo-Spatial mapping

-        Loan Portfolio analytics with profitability and risk measures

-        Customer 360 analytics demonstrating the performance of a Consumer Loan portfolio

In addition, you will get hands on experience with the Qlik platform and leave with demo applications that compares competing banks in specific metro/geo regions.  For example, below is a sample of Bank of America v. KeyBank in Seattle, WA.  This analysis can be run for any 2 competing banks in any US Metro area.

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