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1:45 - 3:15 Paul McAdamTom McGillPeter A. SoraparuDavid Miree


Workshop: Customer Service as Competetive Advantage for Regionals


Paul McAdam
Senior Director, Regional Banking, J.D. Power

Tom McGill
SVP, Retail Banking Director, First Financial Bank

Peter A. Soraparu
Sr. EVP, Relationship Banking Division, American Trust & Savings Bank

David Miree
Executive Vice President for Consumer Deposits, Investments and Network Management, Webster Bank

Joe Wheeler
Director, Client Services, J.D. Power


Session Description

How regional banks can provide customer experiences that drive business outcomes with younger consumers.
It’s no secret that regional and midsize banks generally underperform the largest retail banks at acquiring and retaining younger (Gen Y/Millennial) consumers. Given the difficulty of defeating the larger banks with technology innovation, “Is additional investment in customer experience sufficient?” is the question most commonly posed by smaller banks. The answer can be ‘yes’, if the investments are focused on the service quality, problem resolution and communication programs that most directly impact smaller banks’ abilities to acquire, expand and retain customer relationships with younger customers. J.D. Power’s research reveals a path to achieve these objectives, and these insights will be shared with the American Banker Retail Banking 2017 audience.


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