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10:30 - 11:00 Marc HochsteinPablo Sanchez


Closing Conversation: Build It And They Will Come: Why Has HSBC Invested $131m In Transforming Their US Retail Bank


Marc Hochstein
Editor in Chief, American Banker

Pablo Sanchez
CEO, Retail Banking and Wealth Management, USA and Canada, HSBC Bank USA, N.A.


Session Description

HSBC is a 152 year old global and universal banking giant with a reputation for being conservative and steady when it comes to dealing with change. Pablo Sanchez joined HSBC in 2015 and has led a technological revolution in the US retail banking industry culminating in the massive $131m investment in retail transformation in the US retail bank. Pablo will outline why he bucked the trend from the conventional wisdom that says retail banking is on the decline and banks shouldn’t make large investments; why he decided to build the platform from within versus outside; and finally paint the picture for what the bank branch of the future will look like.


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