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12:00 - 1:00 Tara Benyousky


AI and Chatbot Must-Haves for Banking: Smart Strategies for Making the Conversational Shift


Tara Benyousky
Director of Innovation,


Session Description

Retail banks have rested on one-size-fits-all, frustrating digital approaches, and now customers are demanding more from their services. Chatbots present a unique opportunity for banks to shift the paradigm. Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, speech recognition, and natural language, conversational, personalized, familiar, and more human-like engagement is the talk of 2017.

Like any new innovation, practical application and a sustainable roadmap is key to success. We know retail banks are ready to make a splash, but we want to help avoid the belly-flop, too. In this session we’ll share what our experience working with 75 of the top global enterprises has uncovered. Gain the must-haves for a true enterprise-grade strategy vs. one-off, disconnected deployments, how to separate industry hype from reality, and a step-by-step, proven plan to get out of the gates faster.

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