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2:00 - 2:30 David O’Connell


Profiling the Borrowing SMB


David O’Connell
Senior Analyst, Aite Group


Session Description

Vast in its opportunities but rife with risk, the SMB lending market presents scaling challenges that require banks know their customer intimately.  Although there is a lot of folklore out there about phenomena such as the kinds of SMBs that will churn to an alternative lender or what happens when a bank declines an application from a depositor, there is precious little data on such topics.  Based on a survey of 500 SMBs recently active in the credit market, this session will provide a profile of the typical credit-seeking SMB, including why they borrow, the circumstances under which they borrow, how long banks take to respond to their credit application, how long it takes banks to document loans, and how SMBs feel about banks’ service levels.  Data rich and strategically focused, this session will give you the information you need to understand your SMB clients better, evaluate your bank’s performance levels, and champion change that will improve your competitiveness.


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