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8:30 - 9:00 Chris Ward


Keynote Address: Ask yourself – Are We Really Focused on Building Relationships?


Chris Ward
President of Business Banking, Citizens Bank


Session Description

We obtain feedback from customers in various ways internal and external ways. Additionally customers are publishing feedback on our products and services on the intranet and other social media. But, are we really listening? And if you are, are you nimble enough to change based upon the opinions and needs of the customer? Growing revenue is harder than ever. Are we focusing on the right things?  Loan demand is weakening and interest rates continue to be flat, yet we spend most of our time and energy in this area. Why?  Should the old model be thrown out? Should we reconsider the Relationship Manager’s role and responsibilities? Attend this session to consider some of the most important customer satisfaction drivers to pay attention to now and for future growth and earnings.


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