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4:15 - 4:45 Doug NielsonStephanie Hammes-Betti


Keynote Address: Unleashing Innovation for the Small Business


Doug Nielson
Senior Vice President, Innovation Research and Development, U.S. Bank Innovation Group

Stephanie Hammes-Betti
Senior Vice President of Innovation Design, U.S. Bank Innovation Group


Session Description

Innovation in the consumer space is hard to miss. There's no shortage of companies looking to court individuals. But what about the small business owner and entrepreneur? What are their interests and how do you innovate to their needs? Doug Nielson and Stephanie Hammes-Betti from U.S. Bank Innovation team will share some insights on how they find ideas through Innovation Panels, ethnography and small business protojams. They will also discuss what they learned when they unleashed app developers in a "Think Big Hack Small" small business hackathon in August. Learn how you can plug in and benefit from the creative minds in Silicon Valley for your small business customer.


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