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1:15 - 2:30 D. B. Wienke


Workshop A: How to Avoid the 8 Deadly LinkedIn Mistakes That Are Killing Your Success


D. B. Wienke
CEO, LinkedIn Club


Session Description

If you’ve declared LinkedIn to be a waste of your time, you may be getting it wrong.  You have access to 440+ million upscale professionals, which is why Microsoft offered $26B to acquire LinkedIn.

Bankers will learn how to use LinkedIn to build an endless supply of prospects from a free LinkedIn account, delivered to your inbox weekly.  

In less than 5 seconds, your LinkedIn reader will formulate an opinion about you – and move on to the next one if they lost interest in yours.  

  • Does your LinkedIn profile REALLY reflect who you are? 
  • How to write the perfect LinkedIn connection request
  • 3 x 3 techniques to “wow” your prospect
  • What’s the best time to be active?
  • Does your LinkedIn network include professionals who can refer?
  • 99% of LinkedIn profiles are skeletal at best and kill the opportunity to provide solutions to your buyer and to solve their biggest challenges.
  • Avoid the gatekeeper to your perfect buyer
  • Learn how to view your CEO as a gateway.

A case study will be presented to demonstrate successful strategies to fill your pipeline.


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