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7:15 - 8:15


Breakfast Briefing: Financial Technology Can Ensure 2017 Won’t Become 1984


William H. Phelan
President & Co-Founder, PayNet, Inc.


Session Description

The book 1984 written in 1948, illustrates a future of government control by an elite few who prosecute thought crime. Today’s banking industry faces a similar 1984 scenario that does not need to occur.

Community banks face a strategic imperative to diversify by building a meaningful C&I business. This strategy generates higher returns, secures banking’s role as a primary provider to the private company segment and reduces risks through the next cycle. 

By attending this session, bankers will learn about:  how to mine the current base of commercial customers for growth, concentrations analysis, using bank data for early warnings, streamlining the underwriting process, lowering the costs of loan review and identifying C&I business in your local economy.

This information can help you increase profitability through the use of financial technology to ensure 2017 does not become 1984 for the banking industry.


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