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10:15 - 11:00 Rob RubinDaniel DentMichael Walser


Unpacking the Funnel – Understanding Why Customers Won’t Consider Your Bank


Rob Rubin
Managing Director, Novantas

Daniel Dent
SVP, Consumer Deposits and Emerging Payments, First Tennessee Bank

Michael Walser
Vice President, Head of Market Research, M&T Bank


Session Description

Winning new business is the name of the game, but what is the recipe for success with new bank shoppers? Join us for a deep dive into why banks win – and lose – with people actively shopping for checking accounts online. Novantas surveys nearly 30,000 active checking shoppers per month to understand:

  • Which institutions shoppers prefer for new checking accounts and how this varies by consumer segment;
  • Who loses the most customers at the beginning of the sales process, how many shoppers were unwilling to consider each institution, and WHY;
  • Which checking features are most important to switching customers, and which banks lose the most customer consideration due to those features;
  • And, how does fee-pricing compare based on shoppers’ behavior?

This session will highlight banks’ competitive performance in several metro markets to help banks understand the key qualities to win the checking acquisition game.


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