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12:05 - 12:30 Abhyuday Desai Ph.D.Stephen Griffin


Optimizing Branch Operating Hours and Staffing Levels With Predictive Analytics


Abhyuday Desai Ph.D.
Vice President of Analytics, Kiran Analytics

Stephen Griffin
SVP of Retail Distribution Strategy, Regions Bank


Session Description

When it comes to optimizing branch operating hours and labor schedules, retail banks are faced with a critical challenge. They need to balance the trade-offs between customer experience, revenue growth and operational efficiency. As the nature of customer interactions in the branches change from simple transactions to complex service and sales activities, the volume of transactions are lower and the variability of service times are higher. Banks that simply use daily transaction counts and a one-size-fits-all approach to setting operating hours and staffing levels are likely to end up with too little or too much capacity. Too little capacity means longer wait times, frustrated customers, and missed sales opportunities. Too much capacity translates to excess staffing costs and operational expenses. This presentation will cover how predictive analytics based on branch transaction history, network proximity, customer demographics, and market competition is helping assess the impact of changing branch operating hours on activity volume and staffing requirements. 


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