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3:00 - 3:30 Krish Swamy


Delivering Customer Analytics at Scale Within 21st Century Banking


Krish Swamy
Vice President Advanced Analytics, Wells Fargo


Session Description

In the 21st century, banking is becoming more digital and consumers have even higher expectations of service quality and speed from their banks. Regulators are raising the bar on compliance needs and technology companies are increasingly making inroads into traditional banking services. As the speed of banking increases, analytics within needs to keep up and eventually be ahead of the curve.   Krish Swamy will present strategies and ideas for how analytic organizations within banks need to adapt to compete for consumer attention and loyalty. This will include the ability to leverage large amounts of data, handling data at speed, and building speed-to-market for insights and data products to be delivered through consumer facing channels. Krish will also touch on the analytics talent model that banks will need to invest in to position themselves optimally for success.


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