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9:00 - 10:30 Morgan EdwardsJon RiberKarrie Truglia


Workshop: Staying Diversified: How Marketplace Lenders Are Tapping Into Different Funding Sources


Morgan Edwards
Chief Financial Officer, CommonBond

Eugene Golant
Vice President, Barclays

Jon Riber
Senior Vice President, DBRS

Karrie Truglia
Principal, Victory Park Capital


Session Description

Over the first quarter of 2016, heightened volatility has impacted the global markets and investors have had higher expectations on purchasing lenders’ assets. As a result, marketplace lenders have increasingly needed to find ways to diversify their funding sources and build relationships with strategic capital providers over the long term.

Key Learnings:

  • How marketplace lenders have tapped into newer, different funding sources beyond institutional investors and the rationale for these relationships
  • How investors of different sizes and types view the industry and their relationships with marketplace lenders, especially those on the consumer lending side
  • How the market environment has impacted funding activity and strategy over the course of the year
  • What's ahead? The outlook for capital sources for marketplace lenders


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