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2:00 - 2:40 Peter RentonNoah BreslowGilles GadeSam HodgesJim McGinley


Panel: Past, Present, Future -- Where is Marketplace Lending + Investing Going Next?


Peter Renton
Founder, Lend Academy

Advisory Board:
Noah Breslow
Chief Executive Officer, OnDeck

Gilles Gade
Chairman, President & CEO, Cross River Bank

Advisory Board:
Sam Hodges
Co-Founder and U.S. Managing Director, Funding Circle

Jim McGinley
General Manager, Lending, Insikt Inc.


Session Description

In this opening panel featuring not only key stakeholders in the marketplace and online lending plus investing industry, but also some of today’s influential thinkers, we will look at how the industry is changing, what we can expect to see over the next 12-24 months and speak to those questions that are currently on everyone’s minds.


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