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2:55 - 3:40 Wayne VaughanRobin HansonJoey KrugPaul Sztorc


Blockchain Prediction Markets


Wayne Vaughan
Co-Founder and CEO, Tierion

Robin Hanson
Associate Professor of Economics, George Mason University

Joey Krug
Founder, Augur

Paul Sztorc
Economist, Bloq Inc.


Session Description

There is no shortage of "experts" in this world offering predictions about everything from corporate earnings to election outcomes, but few have skin in the game. How you can you get people who really know what they're talking about to say what they really think will happen? Enter prediction markets, an idea that's been percolating on and off for years but may finally take off with the advent of decentralized financial networks. Widespread adoption is not even close, but this panel of leaders in the space will help you better understand the idea, its potential and current impediments.


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