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9:00 - 9:40 Tone VaysRamesh GopinathSiddharth KallaTodd McDonaldRyan Shea


The Debate: Permissioned VS. Permissionless Blockchains


Tone Vays

Ramesh Gopinath
VP, Blockchain, Solutions and Research, IBM Research

Siddharth Kalla
Chief Technology Officer, Acupay

Todd McDonald
Co-founder and Partner, R3

Ryan Shea
Co-founder, Blockstack Labs


Session Description

What do we mean when we talk about public, or "permissionless" ledgers and private, permissioned blockchains, and what are the relative merits and drawbacks of the two types of ledger? Why do some claim that the bitcoin blockchain doesn't work for financial services? How is a "permissioned shared ledger" any better than a regular database? And among the public networks, what are the strengths and weaknesses of Ethereum compared to Bitcoin? We'll explore these and other timely questions with leaders involved in both types of projects.  


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