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1:45 - 3:15 Kelly Wilson


Developing Your Leadership Brand


Kelly Wilson
Principal, Financial Services, EY


Session Description

Your leadership brand is the way people experience you as a leader.  It is the result of the experiences you bring to your role and the interactions you have with those around you.  Whether you are early in your career or at the point where you are developing the next generation of leaders, it helps to be thoughtful about how you show up and the messages you share.  This session, which uses the “teachable point of view” framework, includes exercises and activities that will help you define your leadership brand and the key messages you want to communicate.  Led by Kelly Wilson from Ernst & Young and involving the entire network of other amazing women on hand, you will create your own teachable point of view, have fun and walk away with a new tool to bring back to the women leaders in your company.


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