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8:30 - 9:00 Michelle Moore


Keynote Address: Balancing innovation and omnichannel – the key to ensuring the ideal customer experience


Michelle Moore
Head of Digital Banking, Bank of America


Session Description

Never before has the customer experience been so important to the future of retail banking, with the number of touchpoints drastically growing each and every day. In today’s ever-changing marketplace, delivering a seamless UX is imperative, but seems relatively impossible due to the accelerated pace of innovation. From the bank in your pocket to the branch on the corner, explore the unique challenges and advantages facing financial institutions and learn how to engage customers of all generations to ensure an optimal omnichannel experience.   Michelle Moore, head of digital banking at Bank of America, will speak to the evolving construct and provide insight into how Bank of America has successfully intersected the physical and digital worlds to deliver a unified experience through a customer-first approach. Beyond giving customers what they want where they want it, Moore will discuss how to better anticipate customers’ changing needs and share her perspective on what’s on the innovation horizon and its impact for years to come.


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