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4:30 - 5:00 Ross Hogan


Profiting from Mobile Banking Security: Drive Market Share and Adoption by Inspiring Customer Confidence


Ross Hogan
Global Head of the Fraud Prevention Division, Kaspersky Lab


Session Description

Mobile banking is the highest margin channel for your financial institution. It provides your organization with the profitability and customer engagement you have been seeking for decades. Your customers are likewise eager to adopt this channel as 68% of them view it as the primary way they will bank within 2 years; however, customers overwhelming cite a lack of security as their biggest barrier to mobile channel adoption. Fortunately, with evident security measures in place, the vast majority of consumers report they would use mobile banking and payments. So, by taking steps to protect both your institution and your customers you also benefit from:

  • Higher market share through a secured and differentiated mobile banking service
  • Higher adoption of mobile banking among your current customers
  • Higher usage of high-margin mobile services like mobile bill pay, remote deposit capture, and mobile payments.

This session will highlight the prolific growth of mobile banking threats and the danger that these attacks pose to both your institution as well as your customers. The session will also examine the best practices of securing mobile devices and applications so your financial institution is able to provide their customers with the convenience, security, and confidence they demand.


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