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5:00 - 5:30 Alex SionHisham Salama


Partnerships – Moven and TD Bank – why Fintech’s and Banks will partner more


Alex Sion
Cofounder & President, US Consumer, Moven

Hisham Salama
Head of Digital Payments, TD Bank


Session Description

Given the recent boom of more than 12,000 fintech companies popping up, the hype is higher than ever right now when it comes to the changing nature of how we all bank – it seems nearly every day a traditional financial service is being replaced, or at least disrupted, with a new, shiny digital solution. However, while technology is certainly the driving force behind this pocket-sized revolution, it’s becoming much more apparent that the future of our banking experience hangs in a delicate partnership between startups and the big banks they want to “replace”. In this talk Alex will go cover:

  • Moven’s current partnership with TD Bank and what that entails, how it came to be and what both parties get out of it
  • How Fintech’s and banks can work together in partnership – not against each other
  • The future of partnerships with Moven and beyond


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