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2:00 - 3:15 Tom Edwards


Event Workshop: How to Effectively Use Social Messaging to Drive Sales, Engagement and Loyalty in Banking


Tom Edwards
Chief Digital Officer, Agency, Epsilon


Session Description

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As banks search for ways to communicate to the always-on consumer, social messaging provides immediacy, convenience and relevance. As consumer behavior continues to shift towards more intimate forms of communication and away from public sharing, we’re seeing social messaging apps become more popular than networking apps. This is a communication tactic banks need to bring into their marketing strategies sooner rather than later. 

Social messaging apps are the new lifestyle platforms, where consumers can do everything from booking a vacation or ordering food to checking traffic giving rise to a new form of commerce. As Bank of America recently announced its collaboration with Facebook to utilize messenger for customer communication, social media—and now social messaging—is a path to conversational commerce. Social messaging is poised to become the most direct, direct marketing channel, creating immediate 1:1 conversations with customers.

This session will provide a deep-dive into:

  • Building a social media marketing plan
  • Using content and social messaging for sales and engagement
  • Understanding the opportunities of retargeting and power of word of mouth
  • Proposed best practices and future considerations


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