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10:45 - 11:15 Wesley Spencer


Cryptocurrency and the Dark Web: Exploring the New Criminal Underground


Wesley Spencer
VP, Chief Information Officer, FNB Bank Inc.


Session Description

Two years after the invention and the release of Bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, cyber criminals managed to exploit the technology for a multitude of crimes. In this session, we will explore the creation of the Silk Road beginning in 2011 to its fall in 2013. We will explore the criminal underground since the Silk Road’s demise and see how criminals buy and sell illegal goods and trade stolen credentials, laundering millions of dollars. The Dark Web and cryptocurrency are two very popular means of communication, collaboration, weaponization and payment used by cyber criminals today.  Understanding the adversary is one very important key to building a comprehensive information security program.  This specific talk is geared towards a broad audience and contains many examples to illustrate the topic.


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