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1:15 - 2:30 Ross HoganDave Rivard


WORKSHOP A: The Financial Mobile Security Landslide – Best Practices to Help Avoid a Cyberattack


Ross Hogan
Global Head of Fraud Prevention Division, Kaspersky Lab

Dave Rivard
Cybersecurity Expert with the Fraud Prevention Division, Kaspersky Lab


Session Description

There’s a “Financial Mobile Security Landslide” building. The number of sophisticated attacks targeting mobile devices is growing at a rapid pace. Any failure by banks and financial institutions to quickly neutralize these threats puts organizations at risk for huge losses. In fact, a Kaspersky Lab survey found that 72% of companies are looking for a financial services provider with a stronger security reputation and 88% of businesses are happy to spend more on financial services, provided that this additional spend guarantees better security.

In addition, end-users are not immune to this “Financial Mobile Security Landslide.” As apps and options for mobile payments continues to grow, security to protect these types of transactions is simply not growing at a comparable rate. This is a problem that organizations recognize with 47% of businesses acknowledging that they need to improve their protection of financial transactions. That recognition needs to transform into action before cybercriminals strike.

This session will highlight the increase in cyberthreats targeting mobile devices and will cover best practices that financial institutions should follow to protect themselves from a cyberattack.



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