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4:30 - 5:00 Larry BailyHillary KelbickAvi Patel


Successful Organic Revenue Growth: The Intersection of Strategy, Customer Experience and Marketing Execution


Larry Baily
Principal, Greenwich Associates

Hillary Kelbick
Owner, MKP communications

Avi Patel
Chief Marketing Officer, Fulton Financial Corporation


Session Description

This panel will discuss the 5 critical success factors to insure revenue growth.

• Segmentation is key: choose segment(s) where you must differentiate to ensure revenue growth. Understand their root motivations and what really builds loyalty with them.
• Ensure your client experience is creating true customer commitment , not merely disguising inertia. Only the truly loyal and committed will buy more from you
• Bank products are commodities: superior marketing and smart communications execution is needed. It is the best chance you have to exceed your fair share of new product purchase. Be brutally honest about the quality of your marketing execution---is it better than the competition?
• Complete cultural alignment with strategy is a necessity. Back office and front office must be dancing to the same tune. Employee buy in and passion for the mission is not an option. Align the incentives with the strategy.
• Messaging must be consistent with your Bank’s brand values--- concise, and compelling


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