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2:45 - 4:00 Eugenio SantiagoTroy Abel, MFA, PhD


Workshop B: How to Make Your Company (Peers) Value / Buy-In to Your UX insights


Eugenio Santiago
VP of User Experience Research, Key Lime Interactive

Troy Abel, MFA, PhD
UX Research Manager and Sr. Strategist, Key Lime Interactive


Session Description

You have budget to incorporate user testing into your development cycle, but it isn't having the impact you envisioned. You have the feeling that your peers don't fully appreciate the value of these UX insights. You invite stakeholders to studies, but few have the time or interest to show up. You email reports, but they get drowned in the hundreds of other emails sent and most don't spend the time to read them. You start to think, what can you do to get these stakeholders engaged and feeling empathy for your customers?

Ali Hussain, SVP of Global Customer Experience at Citibank, and Eugenio Santiago, VP of User Research at Key Lime Interactive, will detail some of the common barriers/excuses organizations run into as they become more mature along the UX growth chart. Then, they will share some of the successful strategies they've employed to get co-workers more engaged and valuing UX insights the way you do.


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