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4:00 - 4:30 Jonathan Velline


Omnichannel Experiences: Empowering Customers When, Where and How They Want


Jonathan Velline
EVP, ATM Banking and Store Strategy, Wells Fargo Bank


Session Description

Customers have high expectations for UX, and expect both autonomy and full-service assistance, when, where, and how they choose. They also expect it to be easy for them to cross channels, but that has historically presented challenges and once in a new channel, customers often found themselves having to start transactions from square one. Wells Fargo’s Jonathan Velline, head of ATM & Store Strategy, will talk about how to overcome those challenges, and how Wells Fargo has worked to understand how to value omnichannel experiences in order to drive investment. The secret to compelling omnichannel experiences is not just a design or technology task – it requires significant shifts in business thinking.


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