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12:30 - 1:30 Victoria Dougherty


Industry Innovation Luncheon | Cash in on Convenience: Consumers Want Same-Day Availability to their Funds


Victoria Dougherty
Director of Product Management – Immediate Funds Financial & Risk Management Solutions, Fiserv


Session Description

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Digital and mobile technologies have redefined consumer expectations for convenience and real-time service. While checks continue to make up about a third of all financial transactions in the U.S., consumer demand for immediate access to funds has accelerated. In response, both small independent shops and the largest corporations have launched fee-based funds availability solutions. However, consumers tell us they would prefer to leverage the reputation and trust of their financial institution when transacting an immediate funds service.

Join this session to hear the findings from our recent focus group on consumer needs and expectations for immediate access to funds and how your firm can benefit by delivering this much needed service.

Key Take-Aways:

  1. Focus Group findings revealed
  2. Current state/trends in industry/market
  3. Case scenarios

Benefits to Attendees:

  1. Better understanding of consumers need for cash and expectation for speed
  2. How to compete with non-bank entities
  3. Provide incremental value to the consumer and your institution 


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