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1:15 - 2:30 Andrea ReichenbachBrad Furman


Workshop D: SPEED TO INSIGHT - How Inaccurate Customer Profiles are Forever Sabotaging Your Audience Engagement


Andrea Reichenbach
Senior Director of Marketing Strategy, Acxiom

Brad Furman
Managing Principal, Acxiom Financial Services Strategy & Analytics Practice, Acxiom


Session Description

Leading Financial Services brands are focused on
building out centralized analytics environments to allow for the
democratization of data across their organizations. They are challenged with
breaking down silos with the ultimate goal of delivering offers across channels
and devices to their customers in a coordinated fashion, at the moment of need
or desire. While this is essential for marketing success, Financial Services
marketers must tightly integrate their analytics and campaign execution
environments to create a truly closed-loop approach. This will enable marketers
to tie campaigns to offline and online transactions, providing not only value
in the attribution and measurement that optimizes campaigns, but also continual
speed-to-insight critical to engage consumers with the right offer, at the
right moment, and in their preferred channel. By simply strengthening the
connection between their analytics and production environments they can not
only optimize current marketing activities, but also prepare themselves for a
future where the ability to manage complexity at scale – and at speed –
provides true competitive advantage.


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