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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

11:30 a.m. -


Lindsay Conant, Manager, Social Care – Digital Marketing, MONEYGRAM
Christina Martin, Vice President of Digital Marketing, MONEYGRAM
Diana Helander, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, LITHIUM TECHNOLOGIES

In an era where banks are fighting to remain relevant and build trust, have you ever wondered how financial institutions can take advantage of a highly connected and social audience? 

In the money transfer industry, sales are traditionally driven by word-of-mouth while internal corporate structure makes it hard to evolve the business.  Additionally, because scammers often target money transfer services to perpetrate crimes or launder money, MoneyGram faces the unique challenges of having to protect consumers, meet compliance standards, and combat potential threats that undermine customer relationships.  Therefore, MoneyGram resolved to change and refocus the way they approached customer relationships on social media.  They strategically combined the marketing channel’s customer support with global contact center to respond to and resolve issues more efficiently while also reducing the PII compliance risks.  With the help of Lithium, MoneyGram now enjoys the benefits of a partnership where two previously exclusive business channels combine their respective expertise to serve the needs of their social media community, quickly & effectively, provide in-channel resolution of issues, and realize the potential to convert customer dissatisfaction into solid brand advocacy.

In this workshop MoneyGram and Lithium will cover:

  • Why it’s time for financial services to re-think their customer experience strategy
  • How customer expectations are changing, especially during disasters – when people rely on social media to stay informed, report issues and solicit assistance
  • The importance of managing customer service quickly in very difficult situations
  • How organization can rally internal stakeholders to respond to customer needs/problems in a timely and accurate manner and in turn build trusted relationships with customers
  • How MoneyGram improved its operational excellence and overall customer satisfaction  

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