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4:00 - 4:45


Making Data Actionable - Traditional vs. Modern Marketing Approach


Rob Heiser
President and CEO, Segmint, Inc.

Charles H. Gibbons
Strategic Consultant & Business Advisor, Computershare


Session Description

Many Financial Institutions (FIs) are only focusing on a portion of their data, making assumptions about customers and bucketing them with generic labels. FIs must ensure that their customer analytics strategy not only helps to effectively harness the power of customer data to drive marketing decisions, but also provides the ability to make that data instantly actionable. Join us for an insightful discussion that will help get your company out of the "traditional" marketing rut and into the "modern" marketing mindset of creating and delivering targeted, relevant messaging your customers want to see, remember and act upon. Topics for discussion include:

-Fully leveraging ALL your customer data to achieve a 360 degree viewpoint

-Using predictive analytics to drive relevant offers at the time your customer is most ready to act

-Achieving maximum impact and ROI by reaching your customers in their channel of choice


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