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2:45 - 3:30


Leveraging Big Data to Create the Experience the "New Customer" Demands


Stephen Drees
Managing Principal, Industry Strategy Group, Acxiom Corporation

Shrikant Dash
VP & Chief Credit Officer, Decision Management, Fraud & Authorizations / Risk Management, Discover Financial Services


Session Description

Seismic shifts in social, cultural and demographic trends are creating a very different customer that demands a totally new approach to customer insight development, engagement and experience. In this new environment, there is increasing pressure on customer and marketing analytics to gather and read big data – structured and unstructured – to drive a more holistic dialog with customers in all channels, at all times.

During this session, Acxiom will provide on overview of the challenges of this new environment and innovative practices to improve your analytic acumen – whether your company or clients are beginners or sophisticated practitioners looking to “up” their game.


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