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Letter from the Chairmen

"Margins are pinched, loan demand has yet to recover, consumers and regulators are pushing back on all kinds of fees – in some ways, it seems as though nothing has changed over the last 12 months." Read more...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

2:15 PM - 3:00 PM
How to Design User-Friendly Tablet Apps
Penny Crosman, Editor in Chief, BANK TECHNOLOGY NEWS
Andy Hernandez, Executive Vice President, Director ATM & Online Channels, BBVA COMPASS
Neff Hudson, AVP for Emerging Channels, USAA
Jeff Dennes, SVP Chief Digital Officer, HUNTINGTON NATIONAL BANK
Megan C. Minich, Head of Product Development and Channel Delivery, SILICON VALLEY BANK

It goes almost without saying that for banks to engage with and win over the growing ranks of tablet users, they're going to have to provide sophisticated, useful and easily navigated apps for iPads, Surface tablets and others. Repurposing of a smartphone app won't cut it. Thoughtful design choices, attractive layouts and smart use of built-in features of touchscreen devices will be critical. In this session, leaders overseeing some of the most cutting-edge tablet banking apps will share how they develop programs for tablets.

3:00 PM - 3:45 PM
Innovative Technology Trends, the Future of Banking Revealed
Jonathan Velline, EVP, ATM Banking and Store Strategy, WELLS FARGO BANK
Jay Freeman, Senior Advisor, GALLUP

From the introduction of the automated teller machine to Internet and more recently mobile banking, technology continues to change in profound ways in how our customers interact with us. In this session Jonathan Velline, Wells Fargo's EVP for ATM and branch technology will share his insights on what's next in this continuing trend. Joining Jonathan will be Jay Freeman, Sr. Advisor for Gallup to speak about how firms are harnessing technology to promote increased customer engagement and branch growth.

4:00 PM - 4:45 PM
Humanizing Your Website: How First Niagara Bank Drove 30% More Customers Online
Thomas Bontempo, Director of Digital Banking and Marketing, FIRST NIAGARA BANK, N.A.
Damir Saracevic, Director of Digital Marketing, CATALYST

First Niagara Bank had not refreshed their digital experience for four years. The website was viewed as a single channel with no connections to other digital channels (digital marketing or online banking), the branch or ATM channels. With the acquisition and planned integration of 200 HSBC branches, a superior web banking experience was imperative to retain those new customers. First Niagara’s existing site simply did not deliver on the bank’s highly personal, in-person brand. A complete site redesign was in order. In this session, you will learn how First Niagara humanized their site with a single navigation schema, life stage personas, targeted content integrated to local markets, and everyday language. And it was created in under six months!