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Letter from the Chairmen

"Margins are pinched, loan demand has yet to recover, consumers and regulators are pushing back on all kinds of fees – in some ways, it seems as though nothing has changed over the last 12 months." Read more...

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

12:45 PM - 1:45 PM


Jon M. Deutsch, Vice President Banking and Capital Markets, INFORMATION BUILDERS, NEW YORK
Peter Reale, Regional Technology Manager, INFORMATION BUILDERS, LOS ANGELES

Sponsored by:
Information Builders

Room: Avalon B

The bank’s distribution channels have changed for good. The principal storefront is no longer the branch office and interactions are no longer person-to-person. They’re online. But just ‘being online’ isn’t enough; you must be able to provide your customers with the meaningful insight, relevant advice, and intimacy they can’t get from your competition – electronically. 

The solution is Customer Facing Analytics.

This technology exceeds the operational needs of your business, while strengthening customer relationships, differentiating the bank in meaningful ways, and generating new revenue. Join Information Builders to see and learn about Customer-Facing Analytics – the Next-Generation Experience in Banking.

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