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Letter from the Chairmen

"Margins are pinched, loan demand has yet to recover, consumers and regulators are pushing back on all kinds of fees – in some ways, it seems as though nothing has changed over the last 12 months." Read more...

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

3:00 PM - 3:45 PM
Track: Emerging Channels View Track


Vincent Hruska, Senior Vice President, Product Strategies, CITY NATIONAL BANK

We have all watched the payments business evolve over the past 20 years as critical payments moved from check to electronic, new payments uses were developed and the rise of data connected to the payment became critical.  The coming changes to the payments business are not a continuing evolution, but more of a revolution, with mobile wallets, a complete transformation of how consumers will interact at the point-of-sale and virtual cards for use in the consumer and business space.   This session will discuss the consumer, bank and financial impacts the changing payments landscape will have.  How will banks make money in the future?  How can banks prepare for this new environment? What are the impacts for businesses engaged in payments? What can banks do to differentiate in a crowded space to serve their target  client segment?

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