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The Crowne Plaza
Times Square Manhattan
1605 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

1:30 PM -
Innovation Institutionalized
Harry Brandicourt, SVP, Managing Director, Strategic Planning Group, Director of Innovation, FIFTH THIRD BANCORP

Harry leads innovation at Fifth Third Bank. It is like starting up self directed work teams in a union factory or bringing eBusiness into machine shops (both of which he has done). It is something foreign and strange. We don’t think it applies until we realize it is critical. This discussion will be around how Fifth Third has been able to bring innovation and possibility thinking to an industry that is known for being staid, highly risk averse, and closely regulated. Hear how to take advantage of the strengths of a big bank (chiefly resources) to explore exciting new opportunities in some very surprising and creative ways.

2:00 PM -
Challenging Convention In Challenging Times
Jim Weber, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, COMERICA, INC.

As marketers, we make hundreds of strategic decisions each year, but only rarely do we step back to challenge the underlying assumptions built into our existing marketing models. “We have the money”, “We’ve always done it this way”, “everyone else is doing it” … it’s often too easy for us to fall back on such conventions, especially in a low-risk industry. But challenging times, by necessity, have forced many of us to challenge how we take our brands to market and remain competitive in this zero-growth industry environment. Jim Weber of Comerica Bank will discuss some of the more unique approaches he has taken to solving the daunting challenges facing his function and his company, while also sharing insights gleaned from a career spent mostly outside of the financial services industry.

3:00 PM -
How to Leverage Marketing Technology Start-Ups to Grow Your Business
Rick Milenthal, Executive Chairman, ENGUAGE
Patti Ziegler, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, SCOTTS MIRACLE-GRO
John Detwiler, Founder and President, LOYALTY COMMERCE

Technology and creativity converge to create innovations that are fueling engagement for marketers in all industries. Meet some of the pioneers in investing, creating and leveraging these new ways to connect and build revenue for your business.

3:30 PM -
Are You a SuperBanker? Best Practices in Using Gamification to Drive Financial Services Marketing Results
Moderator: Campbell Edlund, President, EMI STRATEGIC MARKETING

Are your employees eager to take your training? Are your prospects excited to learn about your products? Are your new applications getting adopted at the rate you forecast? If you answered “not really” to any of these questions, then gamification should be in your arsenal. In this session, you’ll learn the best practices in gamification and how you can use it to break through to your staff, your customers and even your prospects. Using SuperBanker, attendees will see gamification best practices in action and understand how powerful it can be in financial services marketing. And, last but not least, see winners of the SuperBanker game unmasked and rewarded for their gameplay participation and skill!